Monday, 16 April 2012

About me

Hye peeps ! Given name was Nurul Nazhatul Iqfa bt Zulkifli . I was born on August 1993 in Malaysia .  I have 6 siblings , and I'm the second . When I am sad , he makes me laugh , when I'm getting mad , he calms me down and yes he's my hero , lovely dad .  I'm just an assuming girl , trying to stand on my own feet , looking for a brighter future . Soon teacher to be and now I'm doing Tesl at Kirkby International College , twinning program with University of Hertfordshire, London . I love to make friends but I'm a little bit shy at first . So, get to know me first because after a while bam I am totally a different person .

Walk of my life..

People used to call me Sal - 3 years old 

Primary school (Standard 1-Standard 3 , Sk Kuala Dura)

Standard 4-Standard 6 , Sk Seri Berang

Form 3 . haha

 Form 1-Form 5 (Intan Premier High School @IPHIS )

Form 4 .

Form 5 

Debate Competition 

College life . Ex Mara College Kuala Nerang(matriculation program in Accounting)
Jun 2011 to July 2011 (  a month)

growing up girl .

Currently studying at Kikrby International College .
This is me now .. Hello people ^^

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